With a few accompanying photos which present  performed works, we are enclosing a list of the major enterprise of our company performed so far.

  1. Reconstruction of the substation PS 2x630kVA, 10/0.4kV in Trstenik, investor Frikom doo Belgrade.
  2. PS Josif Pancic PS 10/0.4kV 1x630kVA+1x400kVA and connecting cable 10 kV line in Nis, design and electrical installation works.
  3. PS Kosovke devojke 3, PS10/0,4kV/kV, 1x630kVA,design and electrical installation works invesstitor Idealcompany d.o.o.Nis
  4. Repair and maintenance of substations , invesstitor JKP NAISUS Nis
  5. Investor Bakstrade d.o.o. Bor, St. Radnička 15/2 
    • PS 10/0,4kV 1x630kVA complete construction and electrical works, 
  6. PS Romanijska Nis, 2x630kVA, 10/0,4kV/kV, SIMIMPEKS Nis electrical installation work set.
  7. DOO “METRO” Belgrade 
    • PS 2x630KVA, 10/0,4KV and generator installation,
  8. “Udarnik komerc” Velika Plana - PS Bore Price 2 2x630KVA, 10/0,4KV and connecting cable line
  9. DOO “ NANA” Nis, complete electrical installation works
    • displacement PS 1x630kVA 10/0.4kV  Zona 2
  10. PS 2x1000kVA  10/0,4KV Zona 3 and generator installation 2x500kVA
  11. PS Studenicka in Nis, electrical installation works
    • PS 10/0,4kV 1x630KVA with connecting cable,
    • PS 10/0,4kV 2x630KVA, electrical installation works
    • PS 10/0.4kV 1x630kVA and cable line, electrical installation works
  13. DOO “MAXON” Bubanj selo
    • Column substation PS 10/0,4 1x250kVA with power cable, electric installation works
  14. “JUMKO” Vranje, electrical installation works
    • PS 10/0,4kV 3x1000 kVA
  15. “NITEX” Nis Predionica electrical installation works
    • PS 10/0,4kV 2x1000 kVA
  16. KRISTAL – Zajecarelectrical installation works
    • PS 10/0,4kV 3x1000 kVA
  17. EI Profesionalana elektronika Nis
    • PS 10/0,4kV 1x1000 kVA, electrical installation works
  18.  Zagubica 1
    • PS 35/10kV 2x2,5MVA, electrical installation works
    • PS 10/0,4kV 2x630 kVA, electrical installation works
  20. EURO ALLIANCE TUNNELS Bulgaria branch Belgrade
    • PPS 10/0.4kV 250kVA Caricina Dolina
    • PS 10/0.4kV 1x630kVA Manojle and cable line
    • PS 10/0.4kV 1x630kVA Kržince and cable line

References of executed works substation

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