Thermal Imager FLUKE Ti9

Thermal Imager FLUKE Ti9 is used for:

  • recording the temperature of critical electrical connections in low voltage distribution electrical cabinets, LV and HV blocks in distribution substations 10/0.4kV; 20/0.4kV; 110/10kV etc..
  • recording the temperature of electrical connections at all separating elements in medium and high voltage substations, transmission lines in the DV voltage of 10kV, 35kV, 110kV, 400kV, etc.. 

This means that this type of thermographic recording used in the preventive aspect of emergency and maintenance of complete electrical installations for buildings, plants, etc…

File object 11, Ro 1 Saacke is a facility located in British American Tobacco BAT factory in Vranje.


Documents that you can download:

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