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Thanks to new technologies, we are able to derive the recording and analysis of power quality at manufacturing plants and commercial buildings of all types. Period of recording electricity consumption can be arbitrary, depends on the capacity of the hard disk that recorded data. With data collected from network analyzer electricity can, using a software solution on your computer, to infer what needs to be done in order to increase utilization factor of electricity and thus improve the quality of electricity. There are a number of decisions to improve the utilization factor of electricity, one of the main reactive power compensation. The use of network analyzers can accurately determine what kind of reactive power compensation is necessary to perform according to the manufacturing plant, a decision that is certainly possible to reduce electricity bills that increasingly burden the economy and manufacturing facilities.

The copies of the report with some derivative of recording power quality, can see everything from a basic data for inferring how and how to improve the utilization factor of electricity and thereby reduce the cost of electricity consumption.
Measurements of power quality network analyzer were performed Socomec Diris A40 , and relevant data were collected software solution SCA Pro Energy Ltd. manufacturer SCA installed on your computer, via the industry standard RS485 communications and converters.