Work on the field


Our company was working on the installation of equipment for radio remote control 10kV network. Installed devices for radio remote control of 10kV distribution networks and associated equipment in locations: Village Prugovac, a Grkinja village, village of Donji Matejevac, village Stublina, village Konjska Poljana village Gabrovac, village Katun.


distribucija1  Radiodaljinsko upravljanje 2


Distribution and remote transmission



This pictures present pole  DV10kV with PPS 10/0, 4kV on which is mounted SF6 switchgear VEI FLUSARC PLA and connected to the 10kV line, high voltage substations 11/0, 23kV power NMS100 battery, battery isolator NMS100 management SF6, built-radial aerial GP450S and associated battery NMS100 antenna on the pole.


distribucija2  Oprema za radiodaljinsko upravljanje 10kV 14










Elements of power and remote systems

These elements are designed for mounting outdoors. Specifically presents the installation of high voltage transformers 11/0.23 kV power actuator NME200, installation radiating antenna GP450S for radio remote control actuator, and installation NME200 by adapting the linkage disconnecting the working mechanism NME200.


distribucija3     Oprema za radiodaljinsko upravljanje 10kV1



Installation of the transmission system at the facility


At this picture is shown  two vacuum switches VEIVACUUM - F in brick PS-Katun in the municipality of Aleksinac 50kVA.




distribucija4     F1000015